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April Pub of the Month: The Thomas Lord

April 4, 2011
One of the things I was worried I would miss the most about the States was the food. British food doesn’t have the best reputation so I was initially concerned that I might be asking the mothership (my mum) to FedEx some In-N-Out Burgers over when times got tough. Let me set the record straight – the food in the UK is amazing. What was once cheap and often grim pub grub (think hearty meat stews, bangers and mash or steak and kidney pie, which didn’t always leave your stomach feeling too great after) has transformed into Michelin-rated pub food. I’ve had so many amazing meals since moving here I’ve decided to start featuring a pub of the month! To kick pub of the month off to a delicious start, April’s pub of the month is The Thomas Lord in West Meon, Hampshire.

Being somewhat of a weekend regular as my father’s house is nearby, I’ve been to the Thomas Lord several times. The locally produced food and country cozy ambiance never disappoints. I was immediately intrigued by the anthropomorphic diorama featuring rodents, squirrels, weasels and ferrets playing a cricket match which is displayed over the bar. Can’t say I’ve been to too many places with the same decor!       

Animal activists don’t worry, this bar isn’t only filled with preserved animals. It is decorated with all types of cricket memorabilia as The Thomas Lord is named after the founder of Lord’s Cricket Ground in London who lived (and is now buried) in West Meon. Although I think the cricket match made up of furry friends is the pub’s show stopper, the award winning food is tough to beat. Worn leather chairs by the fireplace and a room filled with books you can help yourself to is one of the many reasons why this country meets chic pub is such a haven. Bring your dog, your friends, a warm oversized sweater and your hunter boots (b/c it does get seriously muddy out in the country) and you just might find yourself hanging out here over good laughs and food all afternoon on a wet day!

The menu changes daily (I saw squirrel on the menu this weekend!) but from what I’ve experienced, you cannot order a bad meal at The Thomas Lord. The vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes are so good that they can even make a carnivore like myself second guess ordering the open Chalcroft Farm beef burger with Lyburn cheese, chips & coleslaw, which is melt in your mouth savory goodness. It should be noted that their chips are to die for and their wines are excellent. I’m not a beer drinker but it looked like the beer was going down just fine judging by the local hangout scene at the bar! 

Open Chalcroft Farm beef burger
The homemade mushroom soup with oil drizzled on top
Portobello mushrooms with poached eggs and hollandaise over greens.

I’m already looking forward to coming back to the Thomas Lord in the summer when you can take advantage of their gorgeous garden with outdoor seating while trying the hand made pizzas from their outdoor wood-fired oven. Maybe next time I’ll save enough room to try dessert which could be a serious challenge with pub food this good!

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  • Anonymous

    The food isn’t good. Over priced and aimed at those from London rather than locals. Avoid! We had a really bad meal there. Staff not friendly to locals.