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Dip & Flip, Clapham Junction

February 21, 2015

I had been hearing rave reviews for ages about the gravy-dipped roast beef burgers at Clapham Junction’s Dip & Flip from fellow burger lovers. It’s been on my ‘must try London burger list’ for some time, and after a recent visit I can now finally understand what all the fuss is about. The rumours are true: they serve one beast of a burger here!


I had been warned by friends Scott and Mathilde to arrive hungry and prepared to return home covered in burger and gravy. How right they were! We pulled up a chair (mine had the caption FLEABAG on the back) in the brightly coloured room and mulled over the menu. You have to admire the retro gravy art here:



It was a Friday night, so we toasted to the weekend and good times ahead with Dip & Flip’s Pickle back, a shot of bourbon followed by a shot of pickle juice with a slice of pickle. I was a bit sceptical to say the least but it tasted great.


Can’t say I will be slugging back one of these sour slammers every night, but if you haven’t tried one before then I would recommend giving it a whirl. After all, YOLO!

The Dip & Flip menu more or less gives a proverbial ‘up yours’ to vegetarians. I already knew when I first came through the door that I had to try the Dip & Flip burger with the famous 3-day gravy, but was interested to see a lot of customers ordering the meaty sandwiches as well. It seemed peculiar that you would come here and order the flip and not the dip, so we added a fried chicken sandwich into the line-up for good measure. Just like mom says, it’s important to try everything at least once!


A few minutes later (it was surprisingly speedy considering the room was packed!) a juicy pink beef burger topped with oozing cheese and gravy-dipped roast beef slices was presented to me on a shiny metal tray. I just about died and went to burger heaven right there and then.


The flavour of Dip & Flip’s gravy, which apparently takes 3 full days to make, is worth the trek to Clapham Junction alone. Why nobody has ever thought of serving a burger with a side of finger lickin’ gravy before beats me. There is a lot going on with Dip & Flip burgers as this place takes their beef very seriously. A well-proportioned caramelised pink patty is topped with flavourful gravy dipped roast-beef, a good rasher of crisp bacon and lots of melted American cheese in between two shiny and slightly toasted plump brioche buns. A pickle with a dill mayo sauce also lies underneath. The Dip & Flip burger (£9.95) is to die for and after a few juicy bites – which promptly leaves a mixture of gravy and burger aftermath all over your face, hands and shirt- I had to agree with the message on the wall. Life does taste better dipped in gravy.


Now for the flip without the dip. Hannah, my burger fiend of a friend describes really good food as being ‘fit.’ The Dip & Flip’s chicken fried sandwich (£6.95) is exactly that. FIT. We added the homemade American cheese but you can go even farther and have chillies and bacon as extras too. The warm fried chicken is crisped to perfection and the tangy coleslaw really brings this dish all together. Witness the fitness:


There are several options to choose from when it comes to Dip & Flip’s selection of chips, which start from £2.75 for plain rosemary or chicken salted fries. We jumped aboard the muffin top express and added bacon, cheese, gravy and chilli to our fries. WOWZA!

IMG_2250_2Next time I might just have to try Dip & Flip’s take on poutine, a Canadian import consisting of fries, gravy and cheese curds (£4.95).

The friendly and super laidback staff at Dip & Flip told us they used to have pudding on the menu, but because most of their customers were too filled with gravy-soaked burger to order more, they now only serve their boozy shakes. We managed to slurp down the shake of the month, chocolate salted caramel, with two shots of bourbon with ease (£3.00). Bottoms up!


I left Dip & Flip feeling gloriously full and in need of washing all my clothes and having a hot shower. Dip & Flip burgers are unforgettable, but a very messy affair. I will definitely be back for more gravy dipped goodness soon, and next time I’ll come wearing a bib.


87 Battersea Rise, SW11 1HW   @DipFlippo

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