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Medlar Restaurant, Chelsea

December 30, 2014

There are endless restaurants to choose from in London, but one of my favourite discoveries this year has to be Chelsea’s Medlar. Discreet in appearance to the average passerby, Medlar is one of the best hidden gems for a serious meal on the Kings Road – a stone’s throw from Vivienne Westood’s boutique.

IMG_1716Reserved for special occasions, it seemed very necessary to take my mom to Medlar for a memorable lunch in the run up to Christmas. We plonked ourselves down on a plush green banquette and raised our Aperol Spritz filled glasses, toasting to happy times together in London over the holidays.


*In case you don’t know what an Aperol Spritz is, check out my step by step recipe here!*


It is a challenge to choose from the tantalising menu at Medlar, which is innovative without being over complicated. There is a very impressive wine list that could do serious damage to your credit card. Vino aficionados you have been warned! In an effort to keep warm on a chilly December afternoon, I started with the the mushroom soup with poached quail’s egg, wild mushrooms and black pudding gougères:



Presented and executed to perfection, this comforting combination of mushroom and soft poached quail egg actually melts in your mouth. I’m not a huge fan of black pudding, but a small warm dab on the inside of the gougères was an interesting and delicious touch. I am still mulling over how my mushroom soup could ever remotely taste this finger-licking good!

I insisted mom try one of my favourite Medlar dishes, crab raviolo with samphire, brown shrimps, fondue of leeks and bisque sauce:


You haven’t lived until you have a bite of this crab ravioli, which is so perfect it’s hard not to lick the plate clean and wear it as a hat. Nuff said?

I rarely order veal but I had to try the rump of veal with mushroom and reblochon tart, Jerusalem artichoke and crisp brain – yes, I ate brain! The sauce that accompanies this juicy rump has to be a nectar sent from the gods and the chunky fries were so blissfully delicious, my plate was soon spotless.


Mom continued on her quest to try all things seafood, and ordered the Cornish plaice with mussels, leeks vinaigrette, green beans and agresto. Nemo and his friends were filled with a refreshing zesty flavour perfectly accompanied by crisp fresh greens. This dish will leave you feeling pleasantly full but not stuffed; the portions at Medlar are the ideal size.


Medlar has an incredible pudding menu to choose from (their seasonal sorbets are worth every calorie), but we were honestly too full to try more, so we restrained ourselves and ordered coffee. If you also find yourself stuffed at this point, fear not, as the lovely Medlar team will present you with their mouth-watering “after thoughts,” home-made truffles and passion fruit flavoured marshmallows. Behold the finale:


Just when we thought we were being restrained, right!

To spoil that special someone, impress your in-laws or treat your parents, Medlar is ridiculously good with an incredible attentive staff to match. This is definitely a restaurant worth visiting in the New Year whatever your resolutions.

£30 for three courses, £25 for two courses | @MedlarChelsea

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