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Tommi’s Burger Joint, Chelsea

May 15, 2014
When a new and notable burger hotspot opens in London, word spreads very fast, and before you know it, you find yourself joining the masses and waiting in a queue, all for a hamburger and fries! Tommi’s Burger Joint in Chelsea is the latest new burger venue on the King’s Road. I love a good burger, and after hearing from various friends that I had to try the newest Chelsea bun in town, I convinced my gal pal Mathilde to come and see what all the fuss was about with me. Here she is in the window of Tommi’s saying cheers to strangers in the street with a glass of wine in hand!
Toasting to Tommi’s – cheers!
I have to admit I haven’t been to Tommi’s big sister restaurant in Marylebone before, but I had heard good things from burger lovin’ pals. There are no reservations at either location, so you have to just show up and hope the wait isn’t too long. We lucked out and grabbed a table right away by the window- a nice spot to watch the world go by, burger in hand. I didn’t even realise that Made in Chelsea’s Cheska was also there (have no clue who she is if I’m honest!) until Mathilde discreetly pointed her out. Rock music plays in the background and the décor is very cool in a nice, relaxed and laid back kind of way, sort of like a glorified dive bar, but in Chelsea. Chelsea has needed a place like this!
The menu hangs on the wall behind the cashier in all shapes, colours and sizes and is quite straightforward once you pick which sign to read! A burger is £5.90, a cheeseburger is £6.50 and The Order Of The Century (burger, fries and a soda) is £9.90, which are competitive burger prices for London. We decided we had to try The Order of The Century, but with a glass of wine rather than a pop. 
I am a sucker for sauces, so when I saw the Costco sized supply of sauces at Tommi’s, I was a little overwhelmed to say the least. I had arrived in sauce heaven and was going to have a whole line up of saucy treats to choose from. 
I mean, come on, how many condiments are appropriate to put on your burger?! The hot sauce and BBQ sauce selection here is unbelievable!
Nobody was going to stop me with my indulging condiment decisions and Mathilde was only encouraging we try more, so we ended up with 7 sauces for 2 burgers. Oops! The Fried Onion Crisps with the Cocktail Sauce is a combination of true beauty.
And in less than 5 minutes from placing our order, voilà, our Tommi’s cheeseburger arrived, neatly wrapped, accompanied by fries in a little basket. Our super friendly waitress must have noticed our grins from ear to ear, as she said with a smile “oh you guys are in for a treat” in her sweet Aussie accent. It’s rare that I encounter restaurant staff in London who are as genuinely lovely and nice as this girl was. 
Anyway, I digress, the time was here and we had some finger lickin’ burger eating to do! Mathilde charged right in…
I gave my good-sized cheeseburger a thorough inspection before deciding which of the many sauces we had selected to choose from to accompany this beefy babe. The bun was very very soft with a nice crispy finish, and there was the right amount of cheese to beef ratio.
I was trying to slow myself down to really enjoy every last bite of this fine burger, but I ended up practically hoovering it down! 
In my opinion, Tommi’s is an excellent basic burger with a vast variety of sauces to add extra kick or flavour to your liking. Our fries on the other hand were a little undercooked and rather average to put it bluntly. When you put into perspective that a cheeseburger and fries at Tommi’s (£7.1) is only marginally more expensive than McDonald’s in London, you realise what a hell of a burger you are getting here!
One burger simply wasn’t enough – I will definitely be back for more. No wonder there is a following and a fan club. Just read the Tommi’s chalkboard of rave reviews for yourself! 
Well done Tommi’s, Chelsea finally has a kickass basic burger joint that won’t disappoint! 


All Hail The In-N-Out-Burger

September 17, 2012
It might be thousands of miles away from London, but whenever I go back to California, it seems like I was just there yesterday. If you read my recent blog posts, you will know that I have just been in Cali visiting my mom, my pug Bogart, my friends, and yes–*drum roll*– In-N-Out Burger. I love rating and slating a good burger wherever I go, but this was one of those return visits you almost dread: would In-N-Out Burger live up to my expectations?
I have mentioned In-N-Out Burger to you before, and to be honest, I was a bit nervous that it wasn’t going to live up to my memories as I had not tasted In-N-Out’s beefy goodness for 18 months. Eager finally to try the famous burgers that I had boasted about for ages, my English boyfriend joined me for my reunion with In-N-Out. 
I am not averse to change, but if In-N-Out had gone downhill since I moved to London, then I would have to check myself into Malibu Promises rehab to cheer myself up. As we approached In-N-Out, I was relieved to see that the outdoor patio set up had not changed one bit. The marble benches with red parasol umbrellas were still outside and the In-N-Out color scheme was the exact same. So far so good, I thought to myself.
A big sigh of relief came over me as I was hit by the amazing wafts of that In-N-Out burger smell while walking through the door. The prices and décor were exactly how I remembered and all the In-N-Out employees were in those cute red and white old-school American diner outfits. As I waited in line I couldn’t believe I had even doubted In-N-Out for a second – this should be a crime and I vowed to myself I would never do it again. I ordered and we waited…

After 5 minutes our order was called and I brought these patties of perfection to our table outside – I couldn’t take my eyes off these juicy burgers! 
In terms of value, a Londoner will appreciate that a Double-Double ($3.20), a cheeseburger ($2.20), fries ($1.50 each), and two cokes ($1.35), comes to a grand total of $11.10 for two people. A burger in a gastro pub in London typically starts at £10 ($16.22) excluding fries so a meal at In-N-Out is basically a steal.
Before taking the first bite I thoroughly inspected every inch of my burger. The buns were just as I remembered: slightly toasted yet still fluffy on top. The beef was cooked to medium-well perfection… In-N-Out doesn’t offer to cook their burgers rare, but then again life isn’t perfect right? The signature In-N-Out sauce covered both sides of the inner buns, the cheese had a Michelin Star worthy melted consistency on top of both patties (a skill which is hard to master), and the tomatoes, lettuce, and onion were ideally cut and placed. My heart was racing with excitement.
I picked up my burger after sampling a baked potato fry or two and thought here goes…
Words cannot describe the feeling of bliss I experienced when I took my first bite out of my In-N-Out burger – probably something similar to what marathoners feel after crossing a finish line. This is my version of heaven in a toasted bun. In-N-Out Burger truly does live up to their slogan of “Quality You Can Taste.” The burgers were even better than I  had remembered.
In-N-Out Burger is primarily located in California, but they also have branches in Nevada, Utah, Texas and Arizona- brilliant for road trips! They have been serving burgers the same way since 1948, which means they don’t “freeze, over-process, or pre-package” their food, nor do they over-price it. I’m usually forward thinking, but when it comes to In-N-Out Burger, doing things “the old-fashioned way” is hard to beat.