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Detoxing in the Sky: The New Mile High Club

June 20, 2013
As much as I love my rich food and wine, I do give my body a break and treat it to a detox every now and then. I received a sample Nosh Mile High Pack in my goodie bag at a spa award show, and knew I had to try this method of detoxing on a plane the next time I was traveling long haul – and ideally by myself. Who knew what the side effects of this detox in a box could be! I had heard of Nosh Detox before, but had never tried any of their cleansing, detoxifying, or immune boosting products. A 10 hour flight back to California seemed like a good time to give this a whirl. 
I unloaded the Nosh Mile High Pack near the United Airlines gate and took a moment to take in exactly what I would be putting in my body during the flight. 
Looks a bit like a crime scene with all of the specimens carefully bagged, doesn’t it? Nobody ever said detoxing was pretty! 
I read through the instructions of what I had to take and when. The Nosh Mile High Pack promises to reduce travel sickness, provide on-flight immune support, and keep you hydrated and balanced so you feel ready to hit the red carpet as you land. As this was the first time I had ever been upgraded to Business Class, I was hoping to feel like pure gold by the time I touched California soil – and the less jet lagged and bloated the better!
As I was flying early in the morning, I followed the instructions on the box and swallowed two Probiotic capsules immediately after my airport bacon butty breakfast with a big glass of water. The Probiotic claims to “optimise your friendly bacteria to improve digestive health and release bloatedness.” Who knew bacteria are so friendly?
An hour before the flight I was tucking into my first glass of white wine at 9:15am – as I mentioned, I was upgraded to Business Class and there was NO WAY I wasn’t going to take full advantage of the perks! I washed my two Travel Sickness Tablets down with a fine Pinot Grigio. I’ve never been victim to motion-sickness on an airplane before, but you can never be too careful! 
I sat in my luxurious reclining seat and felt rather pleased with myself. Business Class is definitely the way to fly long-haul and I decided to toast to having accomplished stage one of my detox, all before 10am. 
Two hours later, I paused The First Wives Club on my in-flight entertainment to inspect the Raw Bar, which is described as “a snack bursting with Omega 3,6,9 vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.” 
It was when I took the Raw Bar out of the wrapper, I realised my neighbour, the unlucky man sitting next to me, was staring at my healthy snack with considerable distaste. I didn’t blame him, this thing looked terrifying and far from sanitary. 
I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the bar, which was filled with dates, cranberries, nuts and seeds. Clearly intended for the health-conscious A-lister, I wouldn’t be surprised if these bars were for sale at Coachella in Los Angeles. 
After my in-flight meal, it was time for the Nosh Superfood sachet, which had strict instructions to take before 6pm daily. This green coloured superfood formula claimed to boost and energise, and boy did it do just that! 
I had to ask my friendly stewardess for a cocktail straw, as I would otherwise have no way of stirring this suspicious looking green substance into my orange juice. Note to self, if you are traveling Economy, bring your own straw!
I’m not 100% sure what was in the Superfood sachet, but it made my heart race and I felt super jittery. Any chances of catching up on sleep had evaporated. 
Two mildly entertaining films later, and it was time for the Bee Pollen sachet. I should note that this was during the “sleep time” on the flight, but since I was still ready to high-kick down the aisle, there was no chance of catching any zzzz’s for me. The lights were off and I was buzzing. 

The instructions said to mix the Bee Pollen into a drink or yogurt. Sadly United didn’t have any yogurt, so an orange juice would have to do – luckily I saved my precious cocktail straw!

As I blended my Bee Pollen mixture in the dark, heart pounding like a racehorse, I started to wonder if I would actually survive this flight. What exactly had I taken and why did I feel more alert than Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday night?!
Although it looks far from appetising, the Bee Pollen and orange juice combination was actually rather refreshing. This sachet is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal antiseptic and antibiotic, which promises to “protect you from airborne agents common in recycled air.” No wonder they are called busy bees!
Last on the detoxing list was a cup of mint tea, which is oddly served loose in a zip-locked baggie rather than in a tea bag. I only realised this was two portions worth of tea after I poured  all the contents into a cup of hot water. 
I stirred and stirred, but the tea refused to dissolve. I was going to have to drink this unstrained as United didn’t have a teapot on board- I’m sure BA must have one! 
I was most looking forward to the mint tea portion of my in-flight detox, but was desperately disappointed. Sipping this was like wading through a lawn of thick grass.
Swallowing the last sip of the mint tea concoction concluded my detox. I have to say that although I didn’t sleep a wink on the 10 hour flight, I bounded through immigration and had endless energy for the rest of the day without even having a coffee. Jetlag finally caught up with me that evening. 

My final verdict:
The Nosh Mile High Pack definitely makes you feel energised and roaring to go, even after a long time traveling in the sky. Although this cleanse was fun to try and did leave me feeling fresh-faced, I personally would not pay £22 for it every time I fly long-haul. I think this kit should include a straw or spoon to stir your various mixtures on the flight, and the mint tea should absolutely be in a tea-bag rather than loose-leaf. The Nosh in-flight detox would be a great gift for any health-conscious regular flyer – especially if they are traveling alone (preferably in Business Class) and don’t care what their in-flight neighbours think! 

New Year New You 2013 Detox Juices

January 6, 2013
Feeling more bloated than an inflatable raft? Finding it hard to start your day fresh faced and bushy tailed? If you’re in need of a post-holiday detox like me, then here are some of my favourite easy to make detox juices to give your liver and body a much needed cleanse!

All Hail The Kale & Lemon Juice – Aka Gwyneth Paltrow’s breakfast!

This bitter but refreshing detox juice is one of the first juices I got hooked on. As a big fan of the Tracy Anderson method, I obviously had to try Tracy’s recommended detox kale and lemon juice, which Gwyneth Paltrow swears by!

For two servings you will need:

A big bunch of fresh kale – the more the merrier
Two lemons (peeled)
A cup of water

If you haven’t used a juicer before, remember it is best to peel all fruit first, getting rid of seeds or pips. Once you have done this and washed your fruit and veg you are ready to juice!

Kale is the new nutritional powerhouse – filled with iron, fiber, and a variety of powerful antioxidants – this is a vegetable, which we should be eating more often. As you need lots of kale to get a decent amount of juice, a big bag of kale from the grocery store or farmers market is ideal for two servings.
Lemons make this cleansing juice rather bitter, but they help flush out toxins, and are filled with vitamins C and B. If this juice is too sour for you, add a dab of honey or agave sugar to stop you from wincing. 

Slowly pour 1 cup of water on top of your kale and lemon to help liquidize this healthy nectar. 

Don’t be alarmed by the Shrek like color that comes out of your juicer! 

And voila, your detoxifying lemon and kale juice is ready. Tracy Anderson recommends having a glass of this post morning workout, to keep your metabolism revved up. 

Gwyneth & Tracy ready for some lemon kale juice post workout 

I like having a swig first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to fire up my system!

The Beetroot Toxin Basher

Thanks to the sweet tasting and beyond healthy beetroots and antioxidant filled carrots, this juice is much more gentle on the pallet than the kale and lemon juice, so you can sip this with any meal while getting part of your 5 a day. 

For two servings you will need:

3 beetroots

½ a large cucumber
A handful of spinach
A handful of kale
4 carrots

Beetroots are great for giving your liver a tune-up while cucumbers naturally rehydrate and help replenish our body with daily vitamins, which makes this healthy juice a great go to the morning after if you have been out on the razzle the night before!

The Green Super Food Smoothie

Jennifer Aniston swears by a super green smoothie to start off the day, and I have to admit that this uber healthy smoothie is surprisingly tasty and fills you up. 

For two servings you will need:
1 avocado
2 oranges
A piece of ginger – in quantities according to your taste
A handful of kale
A handful of spinach

Although I initially found it strange to juice an avocado, this heart-healthy vegetable, which is filled with vitamins and has more potassium than two bananas, is delicious and makes the smoothie much thicker in texture. Antioxidant filled ginger paired with oranges adds a refreshing taste to this tasty green delight. 

I like making this green super food smoothie in bulk and substituting it for a liquid snack when I’m in full detox mode. If it’s going to help achieve Jennifer Anniston’s super toned bod, then why not give it a go, right?

There are all types of ways to detox, whether you are on a strict juice cleanse or trying other cleansing methods. I find that taking a break off the booze and incorporating these healthy juices will make you feel fresh as a daisy in no time.

Let me know what your top detoxing secrets are!


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