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Calling All Pug Lovers: Missing The One & Only Bogart

May 23, 2012
Today’s post is a bit of a sad one, which isn’t typical for me as I’m usually a bouncing-off-the walls-happy kinda girl. Without doubt, the hardest thing I have found about moving far away from my family, home, and friends in California is missing my mom and my beloved pug Bogart. He has been my closest furry friend since I was 18. Fortunately, I can speak to my mom on a daily basis and see her on Skype thanks to technology these days (even though it isn’t the same as in person). But the UK’s strict canine immigration policies make it almost impossible to fly Bogart over for a visit and a very missed puggy snuggle.
Oh how I miss cuddling this little body of mush
Those of you who haven’t owned a dog probably won’t understand how deeply you miss your furry four-legged friend once they are no longer a part of your day-to-day. I found some amazing images during a laptop feng shui clutter clear-out last weekend, which made me miss Bogart even more than I usually do. After all, Bogart and I have been through everything together, ever since he arrived at my apartment at the tender age of 7 weeks old, while I was a student at Boston University…
Little Bogart when he was a feisty 7lb chewer of destruction
Bogart attended my university classes with me and was the most popular pug on the BU campus. When he wasn’t busy socializing at the local dog park or with all my college roommates, we went to fancy dress parties together.. 
Paris Hilton with Tinkerbelle’s boyfriend, naturally!
…. partook in some modeling shoots (as one does) for the very talented photographer Miss Blobel..

Strike a pose – VOGUE
… and partied far too hard with our flatmates and ninja crew at the legendary 447 Park Drive.
Only the finest bubbles for Monsieur Bogart
After graduating BU together, Bogart and I embarked on the working world puggy paw in hand. While I was off being a career girl, Bogart had a pretty stressful day himself. When he wasn’t setting off on long walks with his doggie pals and his dog walker (aka personal trainer), Bogart was busy guarding the house… 
Squirrels and seagulls beware.. WOOF!
… snuggling with his collection of cuddly toys… 


… and catching up on much needed beauty sleep. After all, a pug has got to look his very best right?

Note the amount of snoring that takes place in this home-made video. This is why I always carry ear plugs with me!

Holidays together are always a blast. Bogart loves a good seasonal costume…
…and rallies at the chance of a little DIY festive creation. This poor snowman seemed to become the bathroom stop of choice, after we informed Bogart that the Christmas tree was actually not his personal indoor loo.

After I knew I was moving to the UK, it was mandatory that we live out our shared dream of going on a road trip across America together. We packed our bags, made a killer playlist, dragged my mom into accompanying us, and headed off from East to West to travel across the land of the free.

Ever supportive Bogart rode shotgun all the way!
Bogart and I saw the famous sights and cities of the USA together, making sure we stopped from time to time to try local delicacies, pose for scenic pictures together..
Enjoying the views of The Windy City (Chicago)
Bogart channeling his king of the world pose

.. and of course we had to do what we enjoy most, check out the local shops. Turns out ‘the magnificent mile’ in Chicago was right up our street and that was probably our favorite city we visited during our road trip.
Bogart looks just divine in an Hermès orange hue
As Bogart has told you himself before, his travels don’t just stop here. Each summer we spend our family holiday together in the Ile de Re, which is always a fabulous week of eating far too much delicious French cuisine, sunbathing at the beach..
No need to look further for the next Baywatch casting!
… and strolling the streets and local markets of La Flotte and Saint Martin de Ré, where Bogart is one of the few pugs of the village!
My job: accompanying the local celebrity
Even though I know I will see him this summer, the last time I gave little Bogart a big squeeze goodbye was during Thanksgiving, which just seems like ages ago. Although I know Bogart is as happy as a clam living it up in Cali with my mom, I do think about him every day and find myself swooning over pugs rather than babies when I see a puggie strolling the streets of London. It seems like just yesterday that I looked out my bedroom window to see Bogart playing with my mom and a hot dog toy in the garden…
Have any of you been without your four-legged pal for a long period of time, and are there any remedies you can recommend? If there are any Londoners out there with a pug, who want a fellow pug lover to give their pug a long walk around all the amazing parks of London or a big cuddle, just let me know. Until then, I guess you could say I really have left a part of my heart in Palo Alto. 
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Bogart’s Top Sniffs in La Flotte, France

July 28, 2011
For those of you who don’t already know me, I am Bogart, a handsome 6 year old fawn pug, who now resides in Palo Alto, California, most of the time with Blondon’s mother. When I’m not busy accompanying her to the office or traveling with her on business trips (business class only, Sofitel suites please), I go on vacation. I know what you’re thinking, what a spoiled dog. Well, there is one thing you should know, I don’t think I am an animal. I have traveled several times to Europe and have a winter coat collection that would make Suri Cruise cry with envy. I have just dropped a few pounds to ensure I could meet United Airlines canine weight restrictions as I headed to Paris on my fourth trip to France. Someone has to do it, so why not me right?

After an exhausting week in a “canine chateau” outside La Rochelle, where Blondon’s mom left me as she lived it up in London (I’m still confused about UK immigration: what do the Royal corgis do when they go to the South of France?), I have been relaxing with the rest of the family in the village of La Flotte on the Ile de Re. I know this place like the back of my paw, and for other pampered pooches planning to head this way, here are my top tips of where to hang out for prime local sniffs and food samples.
One of my favourite local dives in La Flotte
Why break a sweat when you can be chauffeured everywhere by bicycle? For a shorter guy like myself, there is a great height advantage of being in the bike basket, plus I can bark rude things in English from a safe distance, knowing the local dogs here speak French. Or there is always my uncle’s boat…
When in need of a fast getaway, hop on a sail boat. Au revoir Lance Armstrong!
Endless meals. My god my family is going to need gastric bypass at the end of this week if they want to fit back in their Levis. Every cafe/restaurant in the area happily grants me VIP doggy access and in return, I hoover the floor under the table. Typically there are juicy sausage scraps, greasy old frites (chips), crusts of amazing cheese (the French stuff is beaucoup mieux) nestled amongst a lot of cigarette butts. 
I am a fan of the Michelin star scraps in La Flotte
Of course, every morning my family drags me out of bed, since I do love sleeping in, to the medieval marché to buy croissants and other daily essentials for the day’s feasts. My favourite stall being chez Monsieur Nicco, my hero the sausage dealer – aka paradise, since he suggests I try a different sausage each morning. What a dream! For all the pooches in St. Tropez, hop off your yacht and head to the Atlantic coast man, because these sausages are the bomb dot com. Woof!

It turns out my family drink a lot when in France on vacation so a trip to the local wine cooperative is essential. I’m all for supporting the local French wine industry and don’t mind if I do try a few samples of the local brew. A couple of licks will get your tail wagging! 
Personally, I prefer the vin rose
There are two places in the village I am not allowed inside, which really baffles me. One of them being the local church and the other, the award winning patisserie in La Flotte. 

How can I order a croque monsieur outside?
When I’m not busy eating, being escorted around the island or working on my tan, I hang out with my new four legged friends, Bridget and Billy. Together, the three of us guard the house, make sure there are absolutely no table scraps on the ground and force our family to earn the CBA title (canine bathroom attendant). Who says it’s a dog’s life? Anyways, must get back on guard dog duty.
Busy tanning and guarding the bronzing oils
A bientot, bisses from La Flotte,
Bogart  xoxo

OMG how did one of my modeling pictures get in here?!