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BLONDON Royal Wedding Special and Gossip Exclusive

May 1, 2011
It’s safe to say the flawless Royal Wedding lived up to all the hype and was a beautiful ceremony from start to finish — come on, who didn’t get a little teary eyed when Wills whispered to Kate “you look beautiful,” as she joined him at the alter in her Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen dress?! The two billion viewers who watched Friday’s Royal Wedding saw first-hand how the Royal Family capture the hearts of Britons and people world-wide even if you aren’t a royalist. It’s not every day we get to see a modern day fairytale come true live on the tele filled with designer duds, traditional Royal British military uniforms, stylish hats and celebration on the streets of London.
If you’re like the Obamas and didn’t get an invite to the royal fete then your next best option is to escape the crowds and celebrate in full comfort with friends for a day of patriotic fun at a Royal Wedding house party. Since you already know how to prepare for a Royal Wedding party, you can let loose and let the good times roll!

Even the dads at the party, who initially said they would rather be golfing than watch Will and Kate tie the knot couldn’t help but get into the Royal Wedding spirit after a few glasses of bubbly and some quintessentially British treats.

Since this was the Royal Wedding of the century, it was essential to live it up to the utmost degree. So I gathered with friends in high spirits, …

     ….four legged furry divas fit for the Royal Corgie posse, …

….and put on a Royal family mask. These are your ticket into any street party in London – who is going to deny entrance to a Prince Harry look alike?

A street party in Kew. One of the 800 street parties in London on Friday.
Street parties are a British tradition, which bring the neighborhood together- aka, an excuse to party and get the low down on what your neighbors are really like! There were over 800 street parties in London on Friday, where the streets are sectioned off to cars and filled with tables of food, bevs and more. 

The best Royal Wedding gossip can be found at the after parties over glasses of Pimms and lemonade. I heard full autopsies of every Royal Wedding moment and outfit from Britons who were keen to deeply discuss and dissect every nano second of the Royal Wedding. Trust me, analyzing Royal Weddings with locals is a cultural experience more spiritual than any yoga retreat in India. So without further adieu, here is the cliff note version of the Royal Wedding gossip, straight from the streets of London. Namaste!

The balcony kiss: first founded by Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day, Wills and Kate sealed the royal wedding balcony kiss tradition with two peck “kisses.” We know this was a classy event but most of us were hoping to see a proper royal snog!

Chelsy who? There was some serious flirting between bridesmaid Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry at the wedding. Some even argue that Pippa stole Kate’s thunder on her wedding day. Pippa was looking so good ..

… that Prince Harry didn’t even blink an eye at on again off again girlfriend Chelsy Davy, whose Alberta Ferretti suit made her look like she was going to a tarted up business lunch rather than a Royal Wedding.
Best part of Chelsy’s outfit: her Jimmy Choos
Princess Beatrice – the new British Gaga of fashion? When Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York appeared on the tele, most audiences gasped at the sight. With outfits like that, one wonders if Beatrice and Eugenie decided to steal the “OMG, what were they thinking?” limelight on purpose. Beatrice would have been better off wearing an actual beehive on her head rather than legendary hat designer, Phillip Tracy’s eccentric creation.
4 words: “fire your stylist immediately”
 Grace Van Cutsen: Now the most famous pouty faced 3-year-old bridesmaid – nuff said. She needs her own reality TV show asap.

What’s her new title? Now that she has lost half her body weight and can finally breath again, life most be smelling like roses for Kate Middleton. But is she a princess or what? Apparently Kate now has an English, Scottish and Northern Irish title. As of Friday, Kate shall now be addressed as: Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn and Baroness Carrickfergus. Beat that Sirena Vanderwoodsen! Kate will become Princess of Wales once William is Prince of Wales.
Good luck addressing a letter to Kate, you might need two envelopes!
Hats off to the Royal Wedding, which has sparked an even bigger sense of British pride across England than imaginable. You have to admit that the Royal Family really do know how to throw a wedding filled with style, elegance and old-school glamour. Now, start placing your bets on when Kate, or should we say Catherine, becomes preggers. What else are they going to be doing in Wales right?! A royal baby in time for the 2012 London Olympics would be pretty fabulous dahling!
The ladies of Britain really do know how to head out in style (for better or for worse)!

Survival Guide: How To Throw A Royal Wedding Party

March 31, 2011

For those of you not obsessively checking your Hello! Magazine iPhone or iPad Royal Wedding app for the latest Kate and Wills update, the Royal Wedding is less than a month away and believe me it is on every Briton’s brain.

During my commute this morning I sat next to two women on the tube, chatting loudly about their weekend plans. One of them was excited about having her mother over for a Sunday roast (think ridiculous Thanksgiving style comfort food brunch without the Bloody Marys) for Mother’s day while the other one was planning a shopping trip to prepare for her Royal Wedding Party. Even though the big day is on April 29th, this is the event where Britons host all their friends and in some cases their entire street (if they aren’t already renting out their home to tourists), no expense spared to create the most memorable Royal Wedding party ever.

If you have decided to take on the task of hosting a Royal Wedding party, here is what you need to do:

 Send out invitations asap, using the new Royal Wedding stamp of course
Stock up on provisions fit for a royal!

Invest in patriotic outdoor furniture, so your guests can comfortably watch the wedding live on the telly (tv). There is a reason you’re hosting a party and escaping the crowds right?! Since Brits love their gardens almost as much as their dogs, it goes without saying that your garden is already in tip top shape (if you’re a true Briton).

Have some activities on hand, since this party is likely to last an entire afternoon and not everyone will be glued to the telly or the champers bucket. For £5, Royal Wedding playing cards are a fun patriotic necessity.
A Royal Wedding William & Kate A Dress-Up Dolly Book is a great distraction for kids while mum and dad let loose. Dress the royal couple in various outfits with these life-like cut-out figures. One wonders why Will and Kate are in their skivvies on the cover? hmmm…  

Go a little nuts when decorating your house for the Royal Wedding fête. Superimpose your face onto pictures with Will or Kate and turn these into enlarged posters. GREAT conversation starter.

Cover your house with Union Jacks (tablecloth, plates, banners, napkins, etc – the royal sky is the limit here!) and patriotic buntings… the more the merrier. In honor of the queen’s favorite short-legged furry companion, rent some corgi dogs for the day. 

Just because Kate will be looking her best doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! Get yo’ nails done in royal splendour.

Once you are all stocked up, and ready for your Royal Wedding party of a lifetime, remember to:
'Keep Calm It's Only a Wedding' - Prince William & Kate Middleton engagement satire coaster.
No need to be a nervous wreck – leave that to Kate Middleton. Instead, rest your feet on your Union Jack furniture (now that your home is full of it) and raise your glass to the royal couple as you taste test your bubbly.
Cheers to you for being a fabulous host!