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Britain Welcomes Prince George: The Top Tasty & Tacky Royal Baby Souvenirs

August 4, 2013
Unless you have been living under a rock, you are well aware that the Royal Baby, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, was born in London last week.
The UK erupted with excitement and masses of Royal Baby souvenirs were suddenly available. Here are some of the best souvenirs fit for a Prince, as well as those which are surely destined never to grace the insides of the Royal cot.

Royal Baby Tree Decoration
It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas! This Royal Baby tree decoration features a hand-embroidered stork on one side with Buckingham Palace in gold thread on the other. Now for sale at the Royal Collection Shop for £15.95.

Custom Bootie Bling
These personalized baby shoes feature the Prince’s name with a crown and His Royal Highness’s birthday. It’s only a matter of time until North West and Blue Ivy have their own pair. Quite adorable and now available on Not On The High Street for £24.50.

Royal Bib’ll catch the Royal Dribble
This cute baby bib comes in several variations. It is now flying off the shelves of Royal Greenwich’s Beauty & The Bib for £13.50.

Royal English Cheese
This is the cheesiest of the lot. Need I say more?

His Royal Handkerchiefs
Wipe your tears away with these three white commemorative handkerchiefs for £15.95 at Thornback & Peel. In case you can’t read Roman numerals, MMXIII signifies 2013.

Chocolate with the Royal Seal of Approval
Prestat has held a royal warrant as purveyor of chocolates since 1975 and introduced their delicious sea salt caramel chocolate in a new mini-truffle variety just in time for the Royal Baby’s arrival. The truffles are packaged in a neon pink or turquoise blue box and are priced at £2 per mini truffle at Prestat.

Fit For Royal Rest
Even Royal babies need their beauty sleep. This light blue and gold Royal Baby velvet cushion is suitable for the Prince’s Royal head to rest on. It can now be ordered at the Royal Collection Shop for £85.

Commemorative Tea Towel
Do your washing up in Royal style with this limited edition tea towel, now available for pre-order at Ulster Weavers for £8.15 per towel.

Royal Carbs
Nibble your way through this limited edition Selfridges Royal Baby biscuits tin for £45.00, which is filled with yummy vanilla biscuits shaped as: silver spoons, rattles, champagne, teddies and more. Perfect for a sip and see party!

Tea Party Anyone?
Prince George is all set for any future tea parties with great grandsons of Head of State with this Royal Baby china set from Milly Green for £39.99.

Royal Sick Bags
Are you bored to death of speculating, discussing, or betting money on the Royal Baby? Then you might need to treat yourself to a Royal Baby sick bag. Lydia Leith’s gag bags now come in alternate colours and variations.
Available online for £3 per bag.

A Onesie for Prince George?
Something tells me Prince George will not have this Royal flush baby one piece in his Royal closet. The wording on this onesie is particularly amusing considering so many people were betting on the sex and name of the Royal Baby. Now online at Shirtcity for £18.50.

Commemorative Calories
Is this nutritionally appropriate for babies or new mothers? Krispy Kreme now has special Royal baby donuts available in tribute to the arrival of Prince George. Available to order at Krispy Kreme.
Royal Head Wear

His Royal Highness can keep his head toasty warm as he waits to rule in this baby hat. Now for sale at Gin O’clock for £11.90.

A Fresh Prince Tea Towel
Here is a tea towel for all Will Smith fans, or anyone who grew up watching the family comedy TV show, The Fresh Prince of Bell Air. This alternate take on Royal memorabilia is available at Hunky Dory Home for £12.
Royal Baby Silencer
You can even make your child quiet whilst paying tribute to the Royal Baby with this new pacifier (aka a dummy in the UK). Now for sale on Zazzle for £10.95

Whether you think these Royal Baby keepsakes are tasty or terrible, you better stock up quickly as they won’t be around for long. Masses of congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and welcome to the world Prince George Alexander Louis – we are already looking forward to celebrating your 1st birthday with more designer duds!

2012 London Olympics: A French Perspective

July 31, 2012
Unless you have been hiding under a rock, it’s not news that the 2012 London Olympics opened last Friday night, with quite the star studded bash. The Queen is now officially my hero by surprising everyone with a hilarious special appearance with James Bond – and how cute were the royal corgis?!
One of my favorite WOW moments of Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony was when the Olympic rings lit up the stadium and drizzled gold fireworks from the sky – although seats that night cost up to £2,000, can you imagine how cool this must have been up close?
If you aren’t James Bond or the Queen, traveling around London is a total nightmare at the moment. So I hopped on my helicopter and headed to the Ile de Re, France. As I waved goodbye to jolly old England, who was there but Jessica Ennis and her six pack, grinning at me on the Heathrow flight path – go team GB!
Watching the Olympic coverage in France, it is hard to get much clarity from the French TV commentators. For example, the Olympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, were described as the “London Olympic aliens.” To be fair, they are rather strange and even with a diagram explaining their design, I am still a bit confused…
The French haven’t even dared mention the design of the official London Olympic logo, correctly described by the Brits as Lisa Simpson giving a bj. I know that’s crude, but come on, it is pretty funny!
Like every country proud of their athletes, the French TV only shows sports where French athletes excel. As a result, I have seen: badminton, swimming, judo, fencing, and handball- yes, handball apparently is an Olympic sport.
Before I even try to find some decent Olympic souvenirs in France, let me tell you about what is available –and what you might actually want- as an Olympic keepsake from London. I have to be honest, unlike the Royal Wedding or Jubilee souvenirs, the London Olympic souvenirs are pretty limited. The best ones I have found have all been kitchen accessories – maybe that says something about how the Brits prepare for the Olympics vs. going to the gym.
Team GB Olympic Oven Gloves – an obvious keepsake?
For £12 you can show how patriotic you are, even while taking your supper out of the oven, in these Olympic oven gloves from John Lewis. Surely Katie Holmes is rapidly trying to secure her hands on these just like daughter Suri — ohhh, too soon?

An Olympic Games Tea Towel – a must buy! 
Can one ever have too many tea towels? I think not. This collector’s item is available for £5.99 from John Lewis. If your dishes enjoy feeling sporty, then why not opt for the same print in an apron?
Olympic Mugs – to sip out of while watching the games

The English drink A LOT of tea. So it goes without saying that you need a good mug or five to accompany you while watching the games. Cath Kidston has created a new “Be A Good Sport” collection, which features fun mugs like this one pictured above, for £4. If a personalised mug is what you are after, Emma Bridewater has the Personalised Sporting London mug, for £25.
Olympic Tea Pot – stay caffeinated & continue cheering!

This Olympic memento is just so English that you have to chuckle! If you are busy stocking your kitchen with London Olympic memorabilia, then you simply cannot forget your tea pot! I wonder if the Queen had a cuppa with James Bond during takes between filming out of this Union Jack classic?

After months of grumbling, Londoners are finally embracing the games and have caught the spreading Olympic fever. Despite the traffic, London is a pretty fantastic city to host the Olympics.
Are we in California or at the Horse Guard’s Parade on David Cameron’s back doorstep?
Whether you are watching from abroad like me, or cheering along with the beach babes at the Olympic volleyball court, you cannot help but get into the Olympic spirit. Wishing all the athletes the best of luck – I am toasting team GB with my Olympic mug here in France!