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Twit-Twoo It’s A Real Hoot: Why Owls Are London’s Prized Accessory

October 25, 2013
Don’t ask me why, but I have been noticing an increasing trend and overall interest in owls. Move over Emma Watson, this bird of prey is Britain’s new sweetheart. Who needs a puppy when you can have a pet owl?
I’ve always thought of owls as looking wise and rather mysterious, being somewhat nocturnal, and having really flexible necks so they can rotate their heads like something out of a scary movie. My owl education has since flourished following the increasing London owl fetish. Little did I know that owls have a great ability of looking hungover in unflattering pictures and are very versatile when it comes to fashion campaigns, jewellery, and products for your home. I knew I had to write a post on Britain’s owl trend when I spotted the new Mulberry ads blown up on a red double decker bus the other day. 
Who needs a Mulberry bag unless it comes with an owl dahling
Spotting the beloved owl species in all shapes and forms on the London high street and in stores is now a daily occurrence for me. Long gone are the days of owls being associated with the dreadful cleavage baring US diner chain, Hooters. Here are some of my favourite chic owl looks and products now on the market:
Trendsetting gal pal Kathryn pictured looking as fabulous as ever in an owl jumper from Oliver Bonas.
I took a quick peek into Oliver Bonas and found that this hoot of a winter warmer wasn’t the only owl memorabilia on the store shelves… they were also selling: 
Owl shaped glass jugs for the party bird. Great size for punchy sangria I might add!
Delight the senses for hours with this owl candle? yes please.
Throw your winter layers on this owl hook. Owl be watching your bag while you’re gone!

A peek through the window at Emma Bridgewater and what do I see? A pair of owl mugs of course… just in case one isn’t enough.
Just another reason to adore Anthropologie as much as I do is their obsession with owls, as seen in their latest collection:
Love this parliament of porcelain owls – get your talons outta the cookie jar! 
Owls are wise and will keep your keys secure on this owl hook.
Cosy up this winter in this embroidered owl pullover.
For the ultimate owl lover, why not deck the halls or your walls with this owl wallpaper?

Marks & Spencer is no longer your grandmother’s brand. For starters, M&S has paired up with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to create a new sexy pyjama range…
… they also have a variety of owl products on offer. Such as:
An owl stool to perch your tired legs on.
Owl fashion footwear? Sold.
Light up your room with this owl tea-light 

I was busy perusing the aisles of Waitrose and noticed that owl couture and more has also now hit my local grocery store. 
Choc OWL ate

Keep your ears warm on the slopes with your favourite wise friend…
… and block out any unwanted light to catch a good night’s sleep in this matching owly eye mask. Christmas stocking stuffers solved! 

One of my go-to’s for just about everything when it comes to stylish wardrobe staples is Zara. Of course Zara is on top of the latest owl trend. I adore the following pieces:
These cream coloured owl driving moccasins are achingly cool. 
Pop your collar in this detailed owl blouse with funky gold embellishments. 

You can always count on H&M to have that one accessory you have been looking everywhere for. Fill your swag bag with these owl themed goodies:
Protect your iPhone in neon green owl style. Note the discreet talon detail.
Engagement owl ring? Owling with laughter!
Rest your pretty head on these cuties. Owls love a good cuddle too ya know. 

After an afternoon of window shopping, I returned home convinced London was transfixed with owls only to find a mystery package at my doorstep.
I opened it to discover a gorgeous present from my best friend who lives in Sweden. As you can see by the owltastic wrapping paper, the owl trend has already made it’s way across international waters… after all, birds of a feather flock together.

Why the Doughnut Is Your Hair’s New Best Friend

February 7, 2013
A sleek bun updo is an iconic hairstyle, which never seems to go out of style. 1960s fashion visionary Audrey Hepburn was famous for always looking effortlessly elegant, and for styling her hair in a sophisticated pulled back updo. 
My best girlfriend, Boo, recently told me about a bun hairstyle, which is all the rage in Sweden, thanks to a new hair accessory called the doughnut. The doughnut seamlessly creates the “perfect” bun in minutes, and anyone in Sweden with long enough hair for a ponytail is immediately rushing to the shops to buy one before they sell out. 
Fast forward a few weeks, and all I am seeing now on the London high street is the doughnut bun! A-listers and fashionistas have also ditched wearing their hair down, and are embracing the doughnut bun in all types of styles on and off the red carpet. 
Obviously, I had to join the crowd and see what this new fad was all about! Boo kindly gave me one of her doughnuts (which are now available from £2 at Boots and and taught me how to perfect this now super trendy look. 

How to style your hair in a doughnut bun: 
You will need: one doughnut, two hair ties, and a handful of hairpins. 
Brush your hair so there are no tangles, then secure your hair in a tight ponytail, where you would like your doughnut bun. 
Carefully pull your hair through the doughnut, so it sits on top of your ponytail. 
Pull the hair from your ponytail over the doughnut, so the entire doughnut is covered. A little tip: lean your head forward slightly to help spread your hair evenly over the doughnut. 
Fasten the second hair tie over the doughnut, so the hair stays firmly in place. 
Start to slowly wrap the loose hair around the base of the doughnut, neatly tucking the hair into the hair tie when possible. Using a mirror to help you see what you’re doing makes this much easier! 
If you have really long and rebellious hair like I do, then it helps to slightly twist the hair, whilst tucking it into the hair tie. Make sure there aren’t any patches where you can see the doughnut through your hair, as this will definitely freak out anyone standing next to you! 
Secure all loosely tucked in hair with hairpins. Avoid spraying lots of hair spray to stray hairs to further protect your bun from falling out – you want your doughnut bun to look natural and effortless and not to resemble the bun of a Virgin Atlantic stewardess! 
And voilà! Your doughnut bun is all set and ready to be showcased. I particularly like how this hairstyle looks great messy or very neatly done; it is ideal for days when your hair is a little bit greasy or when you are running short on time. If we are embracing 1960s hair now, it’s only a matter of time until bell bottom trousers and beehives come back in!